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What happens when you combine breakthrough thinking and laser-precision delivery?

The result? We make the web work for you. Really, really work. Octane's emarketing services are innovative, seamless and always in sync with your strategy and brand. Click on one of the services below to find out more.

Strategy & Tactical - We've launched and tracked hundreds of online communication and marketing initiatives for our clients - and we'd be happy to do the same for you.

Emarketing Integration - Octane can integrate your marketing strategy with your web and interactive marketing. Whatever media you're using (direct mail, TV, newspaper, radio, outdoor, magazine), we can show you how to work the web into the mix and deliver maximum impact and efficiency for your marketing budget.

User Experience & Design - When it comes to interactive user experience, market share is determined by "mind and emotions share". Ask yourself. What is the best way to translate your brand for the web?

Data & Technical - Octane's scalable software engines are designed for marketers (but thankfully engineered and coded by award-winning programmers). The Octane software platform is user-friendly, flexible and modular to seamlessly integrate with any enterprise-level IT solution.

Reporting & Analytics - You only get the right answers if you ask the right questions. Our reporting and analytics services are customized to link your marketing objectives with the key indicators that measure your performance and progress.

Enterprise Integration - The Octane software platform is powerful enough to meet the needs of any enterprise-level solution. The easy-to-use set of tools supports all departments and marries your corporate site, mini-sites, email, surveys, and online marketing campaigns directly into your customer databases.

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